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  • What is upcycling fashion?
    Upcycling fashion is a sustainable approach to fashion design that involves transforming discarded materials and garments into new, unique pieces. It is a way of creating something new out of something old, breathing new life into materials that might otherwise go to waste.
  • Upcycling furniture projects
    Here you will find inspiration for taking on your next upcycling furniture projects. Even if you haven’t yet started your furniture project or if you are an expert. We hope this post will help inspire and create new and original ideas for your next project. If you are looking for advise and help on your first upcycling furniture projects we hope you find it here.
  • Upcycled ideas crafts
    In this post we will be looking at some fantastic upcycled ideas crafts which you can try yourselves at home. Upcycling is a great hobby for anyone and upcycled ideas which are crafts is a brilliant way to upcycle. We have all been seeing more and more amazing upcycles created from many different materials.

What is Upcycler Life?

Upcycler Life is a community for people who love upcycling, people wanting to get into upcycling and everything upcycling. Upcycler Life has a free to join upcycling forum which anyone can use to help assist people with their upcycling projects. If you need any advice on upcycling projects then head over to the forum now. Upcycler Life also has a blog with different articles all based on upcycling with the hope to assist beginners and to also help inspire people with new ideas on what they can upcycle.

Upcycler Life has been created with the hope to get many people into upcycling because we know it’s a fantastic hobby for all ages and backgrounds. Upcycling has many benefits which can help you personally but can also reduce waste and it’s also very fun! We hope you enjoy reading our blog and engage with the many other upcyclers on our upcycling forum.

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