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startting a new business about clothes upcycling

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Dear sir/madam

My name is Hosna. I and my team are working on start-up business (GreenSuggest) engaged in clothes upcycling. Our product is an AR-based (augmented reality) software which I will describe now. In the application you can scan your old clothes and choose what do you want to remodel them to. After choosing the item, for example you picked to remodel your pants to bags, the application will show you the final bag and give you relative tutorials to remodel it yourself.

we are in the pre-launch state right now and in order to clarify the market, we need to ask you a few questions:

1-            What do you feel about up-cycling?

2-            If you are already doing up-cycling, where do you get your needed tutorials?

3-            What are the problems in your way of upcycling?

4-            Would you like an application which connects users to tailors and previews the final product?


Thank you for your time and you notice in our start-up.



Posted : 07/02/2021 12:56 pm