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Inspired to create a beautiful pendant shade!

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I was searching the internet for an interesting pendant light shade for a corner of a kitchen/diner. I found a beautiful shade with artificial foliage that was just perfect, however, the price tag, at £300, was not perfect for my client. Time to get creative...

I was able to create something, IMHO, that was even better than the expensive one that had inspired me in the first place for only a few pounds. The great news is that I didn't need to get my electrician involved in fitting it either, more savings for my client.

I used the existing light fitting, which was a rather dated circular metal fitting with three spotlights. I replaced the lamps with LED spotlights as the existing ones were the type that get hot! I then sourced some artificial trailing ivy and got creative with draping it on the existing light fitting.

The result was even better than I imagined and the foliage casts beautiful shadows on the walls. The client was over the moon with this transformation.

Not only did this unique light fitting cost only a few pounds in materials it only took a few minutes of my time so I was able to incorporate this into my project management time on-site at no extra cost to my client.

Posted : 12/05/2021 1:37 pm