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Different areas in fashion where up-cycling can be incorporated?

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Hey guys!

I feel that fashion as a category has a lot of scope to act as an initial phase for people who are thinking to start out and explore in up-cycling. It’s accessible, handy and is something that is consumed by everyone on a daily basis. It’s also something that someone can flaunt their creativity in different occasions. So that’s something that can be leveraged.

However, it cannot be expected that everyone has the skills to craft an attractive piece of clothing or accessory. It would be great to have some easy-to-make and cute ideas. As the whole idea is to make something that’s personal, it would be great if the ideas come from a personal space (Such as this forum) rather than commercial platforms.

Hope to see some amazing ideas 💡!!! 

Happy upcycling 🌱🍃



Posted : 06/08/2020 3:55 am