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Copper cutting.

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Hi, I was very interested to find this site, with it’s blog and forum. So am a new subscriber looking forward to reading some of the info here. One project we would love to try is to upcycle our copper hot water cylinder that has had to be replaced. An idea was to make a planter, but then thought about an outdoor heater. A sort of copper chiminea. There are one or two Pinterest pictures, but with not much info and most seem American and the cylinders are different. Once we’ve removed the pipes etc, we wonder about the best method and tools to: A) to cut the copper, understanding sharp edges would have to be sanded smooth and B) how to join metal parts, principally the chimney outlet, when we don’t have welding equipment? (A friend suggested some heatproof cement for the latter). Would be grateful for any advice or tips. Cheers

Topic starter Posted : 10/10/2021 2:47 pm