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Upcycling old shirts

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This is one of the easiest upcycling projects I have tackled.  The joy of using old shirts for pillow or cushion covers is that there is no need to sew in a zipper - the button placket provides the access to insert and remove the cushion or pillow. If you can sew a straight line, by hand or machine, you can make these in very little time.  I made these covers with a collection of coordinating flannel plaids from thrift stores.  Men's shirts are best, as they are typically larger and lack tailoring seams through the waist.  It was fun to search for patterns and colours to match the decor and they are easy to switch out to other covers at the change in season.  Gives new life both to the shirts and the original pillows, of which I had grown tired.  And easily washable if you should spill your coffee or scotch! 

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